Hi, I’m Elena Bjørn, a writer and artist based in the South West of England with a lifelong interest in the written word in all its guises. I work in publishing as a content manager by day, but I also moonlight as a social and content professional. When I’m not working, or up to my eyebrows in looking after my son, Niko, I love getting stuck into creative projects, monetising my ADHD, reading chunky magazines and cooking.

You’ll generally find me surrounded by plants, cats and unfolded laundry.

I am passionate about sustainable living, animals and living gently. If you’re looking for someone with experience and expertise in writing/talking about mental health, body image, animal welfare and personal finances why not hit me up?

For an insight into my daily life and weird sense of humour check out my Twitter, let’s be pals! If you want to see gratuitous photos of my cats and aquarium visits, my Instagram is the place to be. And if you want food ideas, ethical fashion and fat-positive content… you’re already in the right place.