An Open Letter: To Whoever Adopted My Dog

Dear Luna's New Family, 

I don't know who you are, but you are currently the guardian of a large part of my heart.


Luna is a very special puppy. She's very fast, very strong and has the longest legs in the world. Sometimes she doesn't know her own strength or her own speed, so if you throw her a ball make sure there are no obstacles. She will trip. You will laugh a tiny bit, once you've checked that she's ok, which she usually is. You might notice a scar on one of her back legs, from a previous accident while running. She barely noticed it, because running makes her so happy that everything else stops mattering.

She loves other dogs. Really tiny ones confuse her a bit, but she's never happier than when she's running with a dog who is nearly as fast as she is. We've never met a dog who can beat her. I think she's quite proud of being the fastest dog she's ever met. Please take her to places where she can really, really run. And, if you can, run with her for as far as you can keep up.

She can be a bit catlike, in as much as sometimes she wants your undivided attention and others she wants to be in bed, by herself. Let her be alone if she wants. We all need alone time, now and again.

She has a million nicknames and responds to them all. Luna Moon. Luna Tuna. Luna Fish. Moon Bear. Arse. She knows all of those words mean I'm talking to her. She knows a few other commands too. She comes when she's called, she sits (9 times out of 10) and she'll only eat her dinner when she knows she's allowed to. Talk to her. She likes it.

She was taken away from her mum at 5 weeks by the rescue network I got her from. This has made her quite anxious and possessive around her chew toys, and she'll compulsively gnaw on stuff. Please make sure she has lots of toys that she knows are for her to sink her teeth into. She needs them, and that's not her fault. It's why I packed all of her favourite things when I took her to the shelter. But hopefully you know that, because hopefully she had them all close by, for comfort, when you met her.

She does love people, and she loves to play. She bonds closely with one person, and I was proud to have been that human for her. I adore her, and I feel so lucky that I got to spend 6 months as her mum. I loved her from the first time I met her, and I will always love her. Giving her up was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I've lost my best friend, when neither of us wanted to be lost.

But I'm glad you have found her.

Right now I feel like nobody could love her as much as I do. As much as I hate how my time with her ended, and that it had to end at all, I don't regret taking her home. I don't regret loving her. And, knowing that you've welcomed her into you life, I don't regret giving her up. Because I know I had to do this to help her find you. Because, I know in my heart, that you were the one who was meant to be her best friend. Her soulmate. Her guide through life. I've taught her the basics. It's your turn to teach her to fly.

You will love her. You won't be able to help it. Make sure to tell her how much you do. 

Thank you for giving my nutty, lanky, freckly little girl her best shot of a happy life. 

Yours, with all my love,